To Be Read: Desperation by Stephen King

Desperation by Stephen King is one of the books I have to read before I die. First it was written by Stephen King, then I must read it; second, it’s sounds a great book – as others wrote by Stephen King books.

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”For all intents and purposes, police officer Collie Entragian, chief law enforcement for the small mining town of Desperation, Nevada, appears to be completely insane. He’s taken to stopping vehicles along the desola‘e Interstate 50 and abducting unwary travelers with various unusual ploys. There’s something very wrong here in Desperation…and Officer Entragian is only at the surface of it. The secrets embedded in Desperation’s landscape, and the horrifying evil that infects the town like some viral hot zone, are both awesome and terrifying. But one of Entragian’s victims, young David Carver, seems to know—and it scares him nearly to death to realize this truth—that the forces being summoned to combat this frightful, maniacal aberration are of equal and opposite intensity….”


I haven’t read all the books wrote by this amazing author however I have read a great number of books wrote by him; including The Shinning, The Green Mile, Under the Dome, Misery, Joyland and others books. If you would like to read the book reviews of those books just let me know then I could write it to you.

Which book by Stephen King have you read? Did you enjoy it? Also, have you ever read Desperation?

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Book Review: Misery by Stephen King

Tittle/Título: Misery
Author/Autor: Stephen King
Editora: @sumadeletras_br.


🇧🇷 – Paul Sheldon, o renomado escritor que criara a devotada personagem Misery e que possuía muitos fãs números um; mas nenhumas delas se igualaria a Annie Wilkes, sua fã número um.

Após um acidente de carro em que quase o matara mas por sorte o deixara apenas com pequenas sequelas ele acorda em um ambiente até então desconhecido, o quarto de hóspedes da sua fã número um, Annie Wilkes, uma ex-enfermeira, que o salvara. Sorte do Paul; ou não. Annie possuía um olhar maternal mas que lhe causava arrepios; e ele soubera que Annie era louca; não só pelo fato dela possuir um estoque exacerbado de remédios, mas que ela era realmente viciada nos mesmo.
Agonizante; a definição perfeita para tal obra. De fato, Annie era uma louca e viciada em remédios. Atos de loucura as quais Paul passa a ter a certeza absoluta com os passar dos dias. Ora, ainda mais quando ela descobrira que havia o fim de Misery. Nesse ponto, Paul viu o quão louca ela era. Diferente de algumas obras do King, nesse vemos um terror diferenciado, um terror psicológico – a agonizante tortura pela sobrevivência de Paul Sheldon. És uma obra incrível e fantástica e se tornara a minha segunda favorita.

Nota final: 5/5.

🇺🇸 – Paul Sheldon, renowned author that created the famous character Misery and who has a numbers of fans, number one fans, however, no one was more fan than Annie Wilkes was.

After a car accident that almost kill him but just had broke some bones he woke up in an unknown room, your number one fan’s guest room; she was Annie Wilkes, an ex nurse, who had saved him. Maybe Paul is luckily; or not. She had a motherly gaze that made him chills; he had knew she was crazy, specially because she had a lot of pills and after she knew about the end of Misery. Paul knew she was totally crazy and a pills addict.

Agonizing; this book is agonizing. In fact, Annie was crazy and every day Paul see how crazier she could be. In this amazing book, we meet a person who try to survive. It’s an amazing book; in my opinion it’s one of the most brilliant book I read. It’s my second fave SK book.

Score: 5/5.

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